Communication is the Cornerstone of all Human Interaction

The ability to communicate effectively does wonders to boost one’s self-esteem and confidence. This is why we believe no child should be deprived of the ability to communicate his/her thoughts, emotions, and ideas to others. Speech therapy involves the management and treatment of conditions which affect a person’s ability to speak and communicate.

Our Speech Therapists assess and provide intervention to help children with speech and language difficulties. Through a customised therapy plan, we adopt a wide range of effective approaches and strategies targeting to address each individual’s needs to promote their speech and language development. To ensure that your child is ready to make the best of his primary school years, MindChamps Allied Care – Speech Therapy use specialised strategies to evaluate and support your child’s learning needs.

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Speech Therapy Services

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Communicative Skills


Expressive Language Skills


Receptive Language Skills


Articulation and Speech Production


Feeding and Swallowing

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